Рабочая одежда с подогревом MILWAUKEE® обеспечивает практичность, долговечность, удобство и комфорт при использовании.
Рабочая одежда с подогревом MILWAUKEE® обеспечивает практичность, долговечность, удобство и комфорт при использовании.
Машинная стирка
Сенсорное управление
До 8 часов* непрерывного нагрева
На одном заряде аккумулятор (3.0 Ач)


Куртки с подогревом MILWAUKEE® M12™ обеспечивают до 8 часов работы в экономном режиме на одном заряде аккумулятора M12™ REDLITHIUM™ емкостью 3,0 Ач.

Куртка с подогревом M12™ TOUGHSHELL™
Куртка с подогревом M12™ TOUGHSHELL™
Куртка с подогревом M12™ TOUGHSHELL™

Нагрев по нажатию кнопки. Долгое время работы.

- Благодаря эластичному полиэстеру TOUGHSHELL™ Куртки с подогревом M12™ в черном и серых цветах на 80% более эластичные и в 5 раз более прочные, оставаясь при этом удобными в использовании.
Толстовки с подогревом M12™
Куртка с подогревом M12™ TOUGHSHELL™
Куртка с подогревом M12™ TOUGHSHELL™

Нагрев по нажатию кнопки. Долгое время работы.

- Благодаря эластичному полиэстеру TOUGHSHELL™ Куртки с подогревом M12™ в черном и серых цветах на 80% более эластичные и в 5 раз более прочные, оставаясь при этом удобными в использовании.

Гарантия Heavy Duty

Мы обеспечиваем свою продукцию лучшей в отрасли программой гарантийного и сервисного обслуживания. Щелкните ниже, чтобы узнать больше.

Информация о гарантии
2 year warranty2 year warranty

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Your guide to heated workwear
Working conditions in the trades can be tough. On-site and off, contractors are regularly at the mercy of the elements, but that doesn’t mean work needs to stop.
With heated workwear like the MILWAUKEE® M12™ range, workers can stay warm and comfortable whatever the weather throws their way. From construction contractors to utilities workers and warehouse staff, heated workwear is a must-have for the cooler months, boosting morale and productivity in kind.
In this guide, you’ll learn all about heated workwear. We’ll delve into what it is, the many types on offer, how they can be best used, and their benefits, as well as why the MILWAUKEE® heated range is a cut above.
What is heated workwear?
Heated workwear is clothing for workers that contains heated elements within the fabric. These elements are connected to a portable energy supply that powers them for several hours, after which the batteries must be replaced or recharged, as is the case with MILWAUKEE®’s range of heated workwear.
MILWAUKEE® heated jackets, gloves and gilets utilise Carbon Fibre Heating Technology to generate the heat. These carbon fibre coils are electrified and generate heat thanks to a lightweight but long-lasting REDLITHIUM™ battery.
On the outer surface of these coils are insulation and a TOUGHSHELL™ polyester layer that strongly trap the heat, while on the other there is a liner that is optimised for heat transfer.
Heated workwear is a relatively new innovation but is growing in popularity at breakneck speed. According to 360 Market Updates, the market is set to grow from $62 million in 2020 to $191.4 million by the end of 2026 – an annual rate of 17.3%.
What heated workwear is available?
Designed to protect the body from freezing temperatures, there are plenty of pieces of heated workwear available to businesses wanting to keep their staff comfortable.
Heated jackets
Designed to keep staff warm when out in frosty, windy weather, heated jackets are a great option for anyone wanting to experience first-hand just what the benefits of heated workwear really are.
The M12™ Premium Heated Jacket from MILWAUKEE® features up to a whole day’s worth of charge, plus three heat settings and five carbon fibre heating zones. The heated jacket’s TOUGHSHELL™ exterior also stops dirt and water in their tracks and is totally machine washable and dryable.
The M12™ Heated Hybrid Puffer Jacket, on the other hand, comes with both water and wind resistance thanks to a lightweight Ripstop polyester layer. That makes this heated jacket perfect as an outer layer on windy days, or an inner layer on chilly, wet days.
Heated hoodies
Tough and dependable, heated hoodies like the MILWAUKEE® M12™ Grey Heated Hoodie are great underlayer choices for winter, with three heat settings, up to eight hours of charge and useful features like full machine washability, zip pockets and a hood that’s designed to fit neatly under a hard hat.
Heated gloves
Keeping the hands warm isn’t just important from a comfort standpoint. Cold hands are clumsier, as the chill can affect the touch receptors on the skin, the muscles in the hand, and blood flow to the fingers.
By investing in heated gloves for staff, site owners can therefore help improve the dexterity of their staff and reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring on-site in kind.
Heated gilets
A good choice on cold spring or autumn days, heated gilets deliver crucial heat to the body’s core that then spreads out to the extremities. They are versatile and can easily be combined with hoodies and jackets for additional heat protection on frostier days.
Heated gilets are also the perfect option for contractors conducting tasks that call for extra ease of movement – particularly around the arms. The MILWAUKEE® M12™ Heated Hybrid Puffer Vest and M12™ Heated Hybrid Ladies Puffer Vest, for instance, come with reinforced zones around the arms.
Who should use heated jackets, gloves, gilets, and hoodies?
Heated jackets, gloves, gilets, and hoodies are a must for any trades that work long hours outside, during the autumn, winter, or spring months – that means practically any trade business should consider using them.
For instance, construction staff are key candidates for the use of gear such as heated jackets and gloves. Long hours on-site away from cover, laying materials, demolishing structures, and generally being exposed to the worst of the weather can soon take a toll on comfort and capability.
Any staff working off-site should also consider gear like heated gilets and jackets. Without nearby portacabins to take a break from the cold, the ability of contractors to work effectively and dextrously can quickly be reduced. Morale is also boosted with plenty of warmth to hand, which makes getting the job done all the easier.
What are the benefits of heated workwear?
There are plenty of benefits on offer to business owners that invest in heated workwear for their staff, or sole traders wanting to improve their experience out on the job.
  • Improved comfort – By far the greatest benefit of heated workwear is comfort. By having hours of warmth right to hand, working on-site becomes much easier. You can focus on the task at hand, not the chill.
  • Better performance – When you are cold, it can be hard to focus on anything else apart from the temperature or the pain in your extremities. Gear like heated gloves ensures you can think about the task and your technique, which directly translates into quicker, better quality work.
  • Less stiffness – A cold body is stiffer and less able to stretch, which can become a problem for manual trades that are reliant on physical work, leading to injury. With a heated jacket or gilet, muscles stay warm and flexible instead.
  • Reduced pain – Particularly for older people and those that have existing long-term injuries, cold weather can mean more aches and pains. Heated workwear stops these pains from materialising, improving comfort and focus.
  • Inclement protection – The weather can change at a moment’s notice, especially in the UK. With adjustable heated workwear, you can make sure you’re not as affected by changeable inclement weather.
  • Less infrastructure – Instead of investing in portable heaters, cabins, and other more unwieldy (and typically expensive) forms of heating, heated workwear is simple, portable, and rechargeable, ready and waiting for the next day.
Are heated jackets safe?
Yes, heated jackets are safe to wear. The heating coils within heated jackets can withstand being washed and dried, so won’t be damaged if the garment becomes waterlogged.
However, it’s important to ensure the battery pack does not get submerged in water. Disconnect it before you wash a heated jacket and consider whether there is any risk of the user becoming submerged while wearing the apparel. If this does happen, however, there are a range of safety features built into the jacket that will protect the user from electrocution, such as short circuit and over-voltage protection.
You should also ask your doctor whether you can wear a heated jacket if you have a chronic health condition or serious illness, particularly those that affect your circulation.
How to charge a MILWAUKEE® heated jacket
If you have checked the Fuel Gauge on your heated jacket’s battery pack and it requires charging, follow these steps:
  1. Remove the battery pack.
  2. Insert the USB A end of the charging port cable into a power source (a plug, computer, or car cigarette lighter port adapter, for example).
  3. Insert the Micro-USB end of the charging cable into the charger.
  4. Insert the battery pack into the charger.
  5. Wait for the indicator light to turn green.
    1. A red light means the pack is charging, a flashing red light means the battery is too hot or too cold, and a flashing red-green light means the battery is faulty or damaged.
  6. Reinsert the battery pack into the heated jacket.
Why choose MILWAUKEE® heated jackets and vests?
At MILWAUKEE®, we understand the often-adverse conditions trades encounter, on and off-site. That’s why our heated jackets, vests, hoodies, and other workwear are all designed from the ground up to solve the issues with comfort and capability that inclement weather brings.
Every garment starts with materials that are highly durable, rugged, and able to stand up to scrapes against building materials and constant tension from physical work in high-wear zones. They are wind and dust resistant too, and if they get dirty on the jobsite, they can be machine washed and dried without damage to their heating systems.
MILWAUKEE® heated workwear technology is based on the exceptional charge offered by flexible and rechargeable REDLITHIUM™ battery packs – up to eight hours in all. Each MILWAUKEE® heated jacket and hoodie comes with multiple carbon fibre heating zones across the front and back of the garment too, so whichever way the wind is blowing, you can feel comfortable and protected.
Three heat settings also make sure that MILWAUKEE® heated hoodies, vests, and jackets don’t become stifling once the sun appears, and keep on providing comfort when clouds gather.
Одежда с подогревом, работающие от аккумуляторов M12™ REDLITHIUM™ или REDLITHIUM™ USB с нагревательными элементами из углеродного волокна, создают и распределяют тепло по груди и спине, а несколько уровней нагрева позволяют выбрать оптимальный для любых погодных условий. Наша рабочая одежда с подогревом полностью пригодна для машинной стирки и сушки, что позволяет использовать ее в течение длительного времени.